Track update from 2023

Hello people. I hope you are all well.

As I have a lot of exciting music projects on at the moment I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

Here is what I am currently working on.

  • Now It’s Done. – New EP release SOON, remixed and huge based on the best tracks from my original album (From Now til its Done) sounding amazing plus some BONKERS videos! Just back from mastering 🙂 The album was eventually taken down by the disti, so I owe the world to bring it back in glorious technicolor!!!
  • Chill tunes (several)
    — I am putting together a number of relaxing space out tracks for a new venture I am working on. Includes many styles but laid back and (mostly) friendly.
  • New Sonic Construction Album
    — 9 track multi-genre journey though love and un-love – All bass music, DnB and other genres. Yes this is still here – I love all these tracks have been creating artwork and now trying to work in a release…
  • Walk all Over – Sonic Construction collab with Sophie Barker (14/2/2023)
    — a banging fun and positive track plus 4 remixes from DDD Artists!
  • Control Freak – Acid track – queued for 303 day 3/3/2024!
    — a solid and trancy tune taking us back to the 90s in uplifting style 🔥️

happy 2023 to all of you 🙂

JDNB Interview with Sonic Construction

Excited to share a recent interview around the release of “You Got me” – Sonic Construction DnB remix.

Enjoy 🙂

“You Got Me” – Sonic Construction DnB Remix.

So excited to announce this beautiful rolling DnB remix of the awesome “You got Me” by Ricky Scott ft John Emil is going to be released for this Christmas! Yes!! A Christmas release and it hasn’t even got jingling sleigh bells in 🤩️ 🔥️

Tracks I’m currently working on

Hello people. I hope you are all well.

As I have a lot of exciting music projects on at the moment I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

Here are the next few releases I am working on which will be available in the next couple of months.

  • D E V A S T A T I O N – Sonic Construction DnB EP (28th May 2021)
    — 4 rinsing DnB Bangers!
  • Dare to Love Remix (Ce Ce-x – Synth Girl) date TBA
    — another beautiful vocal and very uplifting DnB styleee 🔥️
  • Dirty Mind remix (Audio Spectro)
    –Dirty breaks, acid with some African Drums!
  • Storm Remix (Kamil and D-Vox) BP exclusive 6th Aug 2021
    — Dubstep AND techno in the same track, plus a gorgeous vocal! 🔥️😍️
  • DDD release Aug 2021
    You got me – DnB Remix (gorgeous rolling DnB with vocals from Ricky Scott)
  • New Sonic Construction Album
    — 9 track multi-genre journey though love and un-love – All bass music, DnB and other genres. n

take care y’all 🙂

Its a Sin 2021 Remix (and 1992 version)

Facebook video:


It’s A Sin ………………..This has been so much fun creating my remix and video of the incredible Pet Shop Boy’s ‘It’s a Sin’. Influenced back in the early 90’s to remix it the first time armed with an Atari to record my created notes and keyboard playing.

Now watching the touching and thought-provoking It’s a Sin on Channel 4, realising how much the media and perceptions influenced my informative teenage years. Thankfully I have another 30 years’ experience and better kit to do this track more justice now. Enjoy my 2021 remix and would love you to share away and let me know your feedback.

The Original from 1992

This track was put together using my original version from 1992 which was sequenced on an Atari ST with the instruments I had at the time. No sampler and no ability to record vocals, so I played using a piano sound 🙂 Here it is 🙂

The original version above, I created and played everything on the Korg 01/W and sequenced into Atari ST. Also featuring a Casio VZ10M, CZ101 and Yamaha PSS790 keyboard! Its a very noisy recording as I built the mixing desk myself so it was a bit .. temperamental. But added a nice warm quality of its own 😀

I put a lot of effort into getting the parts sounding similar to the original track but as always also put my own spin on it and ended up going into some Magnetic Fields (Jean Michel Jarre) – another of my loves – just for fun, then back to a climatic ending!

I really loved the original It’s a Sin by the Pet Shop Boys and I think its shows here by the amount of detail I’d put in!

The 2021 version I have done uses all of this material with different (modern) instruments. I tried to keep as much of the original parts in tact including the entire bassline 🙂 🙂



A bit of history on the original for you:



Release Date 12th February 2021
MESSY LOVE by Sonic Construction

Deep throbbing bass with dirty power play….

Everyone will have their own ideas of Messy Love whilst the raunchy video will mean different things to different people and I don’t want to affect that by explaining how the video came about, that’s for the viewer/listener’s imagination…..

That moment when you realise you have finally found the right partner, that’s the glimmer of romance.

I had composed it partly in my head before hitting the studio. It was a general feeling of being in a dream that is too good to be true with the person you love, and everything was surreal in a good way. I guess that is where the pad sounds in the track depict this landscape of surrealistic bliss coursing through the Messy Love track.

There was always a piano in my family home and so I was always destined to play keyboards. Also having been a drummer, I have ways invented new and interesting rhythms. This track to me is just slowed down drum and bass, just more sensual and laid back but the bass line is pure DnB. It is basically a rinsed Reece sound but filtered right down so its hidden away. Only I know it is there and how dirty and nasty it really sounds! I was trying to contrast the epic feeling bassline with the slow seductive melodic and vocal parts. I guess this track is about the contrast between a sensual loving and tender experience and something much more along the lines of power play, submission, fetishes, and various other themes.

A variety of things inspire my music from experiences and feelings and listening to other people’s stuff and thinking “wow that’s cool, I want to have a go at something like that!” My previous and new tracks are varied but full of bass.



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The whole album exclusive for 2weeks on Beatport from 12/2/21:





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My mind is always creating sounds.

Music is part of me.

My soul was born with a passion for music to escape in.

My passion is to bridge gap between different styles of music; dance, trance, techno, break beat, drum and bass, dub, chill out, acid, house, dubstep, drum step. In fact, my only passion is to create music that is not run of the mill, it needs passion, bass and most of all soul. The bass lines of my music are the biggest appeal to my followers.

My passion for music really kicked in around the age of 7, anything I could make a sound and rhythm with and even started beat-boxing. My greatest delight was when my own son also began creating his own beat-boxing around 4 years old. Music must be in the genes! With or without instruments I have always created my own style of music.

Surrounded by music and musical instruments all my life it would have been hard to ignore with talented musicians as parents. And, so my own style, intrigue and passion was lit. Dad’s treasured hobby was creating and repairing audio hardware. Naturally, I began helping him with the synthesizers, amplifiers and building huge speakers. What young boy wouldn’t just love the thought of a concert sound in their lounge pounding through the body and now, I too have made several sets for myself and numerous commissions since. Imagine a Suburban garden surrounded by trees with light sets with imposing speakers carefully placed ready to deafen the neighbors, such joy!

My interest was particularly in electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jean Jacques Perry, and new wave music in my teens. So, starting with my Dad’s synthesizer I have written, progressed and produced 100’s of tracks since. My first selling track was a remix of Humanoid and I have since released 3 albums and several EPs, with numerous tucked away awaiting release.

My latest album is being finalized for imminent release. Labels I have worked with include Deep Down Dirty, Deep Down Dirty Drum & Bass, Locked Up Music, Mindbending, Heavy Bassweight & Catharsis as these works well with my style. Private events have hired my services, the launch party for Deep Down and Dirty, an Electronic Music event and numerous mini festivals.

One of the first events I performed at was in Brighton, playing a new album, of which “Combat 9” was the track that attracted people’s heads into my speakers for the bass effect! Life’s simple pleasures bought such joy to me witnessing that.

New Taster for Warped Vision

Hi all, I have posted here the you tube Videos for Warped vision. Please can you like and share when you have some time 🙂

I also have just made a little animated GIF to promote this EP below from the promo video I did. First time I’ve tried this. Its quite mad but I think that’s the idea for these gifs. Hmm 🙂

Trance Dreams

In Your Eyes

Waiting For

My first promo animated GIF !!! 🙂

Sonic Construction Original tracks

Please enjoy listening to some of my original tracks and share / like and buy if you do.

Walk all Over – An epic collaboration between Sonic Construction and Sophie Barker plus 4 unique remixes from other Deep Down Dirty artists.

Released – 14th Feb 2023


Released – 28th May 2021

Warped Vision

A three track smooth Drum and Bass EP with soothing and laid back vibes.

Released – 30th October 2020

Please buy on the links below…

Here is a preview of the EP. This is now on many online digital stores….

I loved working on this EP, it is full of feelings and emotions .. and of course typical Sonic Construction bass noises doing damage below 🙂


This is a dark and twisted acid track written for Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 1. I am proud of how its turned out, unlike typical Acid track following a house type of beat I wanted to go much deeper, somewhere 10 miles beneath dub-breaks it turns out 🙂

The sister track to this one more banging / breaks style but also sinister and huge. I have this ready for release on Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 3 (early 2021) and can’t wait…

Details: 87 BPM Date:2019-03-15 Length: 6:09


This was my second release on Deep Down Dirty.

Sonic Construction lives up to his name with Technology, his second release on DeepDownDirty, creating a musical landscape to capture your imagination. Technology uses its driving beat and soaring arpeggios of sound to create a euphoric trance track guaranteed to get people dancing”

Details: 136 BPM Date:2017-01-01 Length: 5:15


This was my debut release on the Deep Down Dirty label. Very excited about this one .. preview below, please comment on sound cloud 🙂

“Embracing the oldskool techno vibe with a modern twist, Technica is the perfect track to get you moving wherever you are.”

Details: 136 BPM Date:2016-07-11 Length: 4:32

Fields of Deep

This was a free release as part of a promo for Deep Down Dirty Music. I wrote it as a deep house track but with a melodic and tuneful feeling. To me this was inspired by some of my early, favourite pieces by Jean Michel Jarre. Perhaps you can also hear that in there? 🙂

There is no download link for this track as its a free distribution, but if you want to play it out and have a higher quality version let me know on the form below..

Acid Redemption

Released 3rd March 2021 (for 303 day)

Acid house track created by Sonic Construction AKA Alan Mathers. Inspired by early days of Acid with some modern parts as well. Enjoy.
Video created by Sonic Construction. Acid Redemption for release on Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 3.

Acid Redemption

This is an acid track I wrote when I’d just got my grubby little mitts on the Analogic TT-303. It’s a very inspirational machine and I always enjoying twiddling it’s knobs and the resultant squidgy bleeps and stuff 😀

Good news, – this is going to be released early 2021 on Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 3 (my second track on that compilation!!! I can’t wait for this release. For now I’ve but together the nice preview as below…..

Unlike alot of acid tracks I have tried to make something more tuneful, that tells a bit more of a story and has a nice climax of bleepy squelchyness. Nice!

There are two themes both inspired by earlier acid tracks and acid trance tunes and they end up woven into a nice big acid landscape? Well, anyway I think it sounds lovely so please drop me a note below if you do to.

I’ve also put together a nice and very trippy video to go with it – that was also fun as I got to play with KDEnlive and all it’s inner workings too 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Details: 136 BPM Date:2021-03-03 Length: 4:32

Sonic Construction Remixes

Welcome to Sonic Construction. Please enjoy listening to some of the re-mixes I have released and feel free to comment, share and like my music 🙂

“You Got Me” – Sonic Construction DnB Remix.

So excited to announce this beautiful rolling DnB remix of the awesome “You got Me” by Ricky Scott ft John Emil was released for Christmas! Yes!! A Christmas release and it hasn’t even got jingling sleigh bells in 🤩️ 🔥️

This is the second remix of this track I have done and so it must have been good to go back for more 🙂

Ce Ce – Siren – The Remixes released Friday 26th Mar 2021.

4 great remixes including a lovely Rolling DnB remix from Sonic Construction 🙂

4 great remixes including a lovely Rolling DnB remix from Sonic Construction 🙂

It’s a Sin Remix

Release date: 11th Feb 2021 – inspired by the TV series of the same name and of course the awesome original track!

You Got Me – Sonic Construction Remix

This is a remix I recently completed of the awesome “You Got Me” by Ricky Scott Feat John Emil.

Happy V Day 2018 🙂 I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did working on this. As soon as I had heard the captivating vocal track and the feeling and emotion behind the story line I just had to put a Sonic Construction version together!

Having recently been through an emotional time I put a lot of feeling into the remix and treating it as my own I hope this came across.

Always enjoying mixing genres, I’ve had great pleasure underpinning this subtle, delicate and loving track with one of my classic face melting nasty DnB bass sounds 🙂 OK its well filtered down but its there! And very effective too. Yes please!!

Time and Space Remix

Available for pre-order on Beatport. Release date 2021-01-08.