Sonic Construction Original tracks

Please enjoy listening to some of my original tracks and share / like and buy if you do.

Released – 30th October 2020

Warped Vision

A three track smooth Drum and Bass EP with soothing and laid back vibes.

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Here is a preview of the EP. This is now on many online digital stores….

I loved working on this EP, it is full of feelings and emotions .. and of course typical Sonic Construction bass noises doing damage below 🙂


This is a dark and twisted acid track written for Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 1. I am proud of how its turned out, unlike typical Acid track following a house type of beat I wanted to go much deeper, somewhere 10 miles beneath dub-breaks it turns out 🙂

The sister track to this one more banging / breaks style but also sinister and huge. I have this ready for release on Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 3 (early 2021) and can’t wait…

Details: 87 BPM Date:2019-03-15 Length: 6:09


This was my second release on Deep Down Dirty.

Sonic Construction lives up to his name with Technology, his second release on DeepDownDirty, creating a musical landscape to capture your imagination. Technology uses its driving beat and soaring arpeggios of sound to create a euphoric trance track guaranteed to get people dancing”

Details: 136 BPM Date:2017-01-01 Length: 5:15


This was my debut release on the Deep Down Dirty label. Very excited about this one .. preview below, please comment on sound cloud 🙂

“Embracing the oldskool techno vibe with a modern twist, Technica is the perfect track to get you moving wherever you are.”

Details: 136 BPM Date:2016-07-11 Length: 4:32

Fields of Deep

This was a free release as part of a promo for Deep Down Dirty Music. I wrote it as a deep house track but with a melodic and tuneful feeling. To me this was inspired by some of my early, favourite pieces by Jean Michel Jarre. Perhaps you can also hear that in there? 🙂

There is no download link for this track as its a free distribution, but if you want to play it out and have a higher quality version let me know on the form below..

Acid Redemption

This is an acid track I wrote when I’d just got my grubby little mitts on the Analogic TT-303. It’s a very inspirational machine and I always enjoying twiddling it’s knobs and the resultant squidgy bleeps and stuff 😀

Good news, – this is going to be released early 2021 on Deep Down Dirty Acid Vol 3 (my second track on that compilation!!! I can’t wait for this release. For now I’ve but together the nice preview as below…..

Unlike alot of acid tracks I have tried to make something more tuneful, that tells a bit more of a story and has a nice climax of bleepy squelchyness. Nice!

There are two themes both inspired by earlier acid tracks and acid trance tunes and they end up woven into a nice big acid landscape? Well, anyway I think it sounds lovely so please drop me a note below if you do to.

I’ve also put together a nice and very trippy video to go with it – that was also fun as I got to play with KDEnlive and all it’s inner workings too 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

Details: 136 BPM Date:2021-03-03 Length: 4:32

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