Tracks I’m currently working on

Hello people. I hope you are all well.

As I have a lot of exciting music projects on at the moment I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

Here are the next few releases I am working on which will be available in the next couple of months.

  • D E V A S T A T I O N – Sonic Construction DnB EP (28th May 2021)
    — 4 rinsing DnB Bangers!
  • Dare to Love Remix (Ce Ce-x – Synth Girl) date TBA
    — another beautiful vocal and very uplifting DnB styleee 🔥️
  • Dirty Mind remix (Audio Spectro)
    –Dirty breaks, acid with some African Drums!
  • Storm Remix (Kamil and D-Vox) BP exclusive 6th Aug 2021
    — Dubstep AND techno in the same track, plus a gorgeous vocal! 🔥️😍️
  • DDD release Aug 2021
    You got me – DnB Remix (gorgeous rolling DnB with vocals from Ricky Scott)
  • New Sonic Construction Album
    — 9 track multi-genre journey though love and un-love – All bass music, DnB and other genres. n

take care y’all 🙂

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