Sonic Construction Remixes

Union Jack Catus Remix

One of my favourite trance tunes from the 90s but I never knew what it was or who made it. Just put together this track myself and played it to some friends and they knew exactly what it was! 🙂

This is a remix of my original attempt I have just completed in 2017 to go with a psychedelic fractal video I have put together inspired by some of the early videos from the 90s.

I produced the whole track from the ground up and it took a little while to get the bass line and acid line sounding just like the original (I don’t think they could be made any more perfect!).

As I always thought this could be done on the Novation, that’s what I used here with only a few FX afterwards. I are really pleased how it turned out. I’d love to know if that was used on the original.

You might notice that the track slowly deviates more and more from the original and eventually I run into a different track of my own composition (part of it can be heard here).


Details: 132 BPM Date:2013-01-20 Length: 5:50

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