Sonic Construction Original tracks

Album: From Now Til It’s Done

This was an epic multi genre album I released in 2013 on Mindbending and was the culmination of the previous few year’s of production.

Nine tracks were chosen, each unique, powerful, genre busting, or just “plain different” in its own right. This is the result and I’m really proud of it.

One of the Tracks Lifeforce Infusion – an uplifting dubstep number has it’s own video on You tube.


  • 1. It Started Everything From Now – hauntingly sublime drumstep with uplifting melody
  • 2. Opening Doors To The Astral – starting mellow and arpeggiating to blistering techno
  • 3. Acid Reconfiguration – acid fuelled dubstep with mega drops & heavy bassline riffs
  • 4. Lifeforce Infusion – exhiliarating from the start, climaxing in swirling filtered breaks
  • 5. Genetic Re-encoding – superbly crafted drum & bass with frenetic techno overtones
  • 6. Total Reinvention – stomping techno laced with breaks, & hands in the air breakdown
  • 7. DNA Diffusion – melodic breaks soaring to intricate technoesque drum patterning
  • 8. Neural Awakening – calming chill out with subsonic presence evoking Ibiza sunset vibes
  • 9. Sensory Alignment – relentless techno hardcore and driving acid lines, totally infectious.

Mindbending ยท “From Now Til It’s Done” (9xclips) – Sonic Construction

For those of you who have already purchased this album, I have been remastering alot of these tracks so if you would like to hear the newer improved versions and have proof of purchase, hit me up on the contact form on this site ASAP ๐Ÿ™‚

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