Sonic Construction Remixes

Welcome to Sonic Construction. Please enjoy listening to some of the re-mixes I have released and feel free to comment, share and like my music 🙂

Time and Space Remix

Available for pre-order on Beatport. Release date 2021-01-08.

One Way Forward Remix

This is my remix of “One Way Forward” by the Kid Inside. Its out on Deep Down Dirty.

When I was listening to the original track I was completely taken away with the deep trancy vibe lead by the repeating piano type riff so I built it up around that. I am pleased with the way I’ve caressed this track into its current form.

Details: 120 BPM Date:2019-04-02  Length: 9:32

What I love about this track is in the last section where it kind of blossoms into this crazy arpeggio type theme which comes and goes. I was playing with side chain echo effects so whenever it wasn’t playing the long tape echos would take over giving it a lovely rhythmical feeling.

What U Done 2 Me Remix

This is a remix of “What U Done 2 Me” by Digital Deluxe. Its out on Deep Down Dirty.

Listening to the original track I was getting powerful Breakbeat vibes so started down this road, continuing to add my signature powerful bass noises, hopefully you will like the way it turned out as much as I did 🙂

Details: 128 BPM Date:2018-08-03  Length: 7:21

Lee Ogden – Santuary Remix

Here is my remix of Santuary by Lee Ogden.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did working on this 🙂

Details: 132 BPM Date:2017-10-17  Length: 5:26

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